A New Take on Global Warming

"Global Warming is fundamentally an energy problem and it can not be regulated away."
Recently I heard Michael Shellenberger speak on the radio. Last year he wrote an article with Ted Norhaus called "The Death of Environmentalism". Their approach is completely different from almost everyone I have read on the topic of global warming. Most people tend to feel overwhelmed and terrified by the problem. Recycling and riding the bus sometimes doesn't feel enough (nor is it), yet nobody wants to drastically change their lifestyles. Shellenberger suggests that if the government made a $200 billion dollar investment (we have already spent over $507 billion on the war on terror) in clean energy, it would then drive the price down. His approach is inspiring. He reminds us that we are strong, innovative and creative people. He offers a solution that seems doable. Please listen.......http://www.pdxcityclub.org/mp3/pdx11-02-07.mp3

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