Let's Look at it in a New Way

"Global Warming is fundamently an energy problem and it can not be regulated away."
Recently I heard Michael Shellenberger speak on Friday Forum, a speaker event put on by City Club. I had no idea who he was. I soon found myself so inspired after being fearful for so long that due to global warming my son would live a hard and horrible life. He and Ted Nordhaus wrote an essay called "The Death of Environmentalism". Their thoughtful approach basically stems from 20 years of the same idea (regulating oil, coal, etc.) and very little results. Coal and oil just need to be a thing of the past entirely. They suggest that the world governments invest in clean energy. If the US invested $200 billion in solar panels then it would drive the price down. Generally after a massive public investment, private investors follow suit. It's hard for me to imagine $200 billion, but the government has already spent over $500 billion on the war on terror. Shellenberger's speech is, as I said earlier, inspiring. He calls on our strengths instead of our fears. He also reminds how inventive and creative we can be. Please listen to it.http://www.pdxcityclub.org/forums-events/friday-forums.php
Here is an interview he did with Willam Week http://wweek.com/editorial/3350/9845/

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