Energy Savers-Solutions; Money Saving Ideas for almost Everyone

It seems that no matter where you turn today there is new information about how we can help save the world’s energy supply and our hard earned money. The Department of Energy has condensed some of their advice, recommendations, and tips into a few websites that has something for almost everyone; easy ways for individuals, families, and even large building owners to save. Below are links to websites that integrate the already known ways with fresh ideas…Check out each one to see if there is something in there for you!

For Consumer Tips on how to save energy and money in your home go to:
For ‘Energy Star’ products, a home advisor for customized recommendations, a superior step by step guideline for energy management, and much more just go to this website
For a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ home energy saver and money saving energy audit, plus a great deal more go to:
On this wonderful site are energy solutions that start right at Home, on to Retail Buildings, Schools and finally all the way up to addressing technologies and green building practices for High Performance Buildings. To see if this website fits your needs go to:
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