Earth 911

While doing research I found an excellent website called "Earth 911: The Nation's Premier Environmental Resource." While there are numerous sites that relate to environmental protection, this one grabbed my attention. First, the home page layout is visually pleasing and not too crowded. Also, Earth colors (blue, green and brown) are utilized in a very attractive way to create a peaceful ambiance. These factors influenced the length of time I spent browsing. No one wants to navigate through a website only to get lost in a maze of information. There is a feature at the top of the home page that allows users to enter what type of item needs to be recycled and a home zip code, then it gives names and addresses of local sites to utilize. On the left side there's a column named "think Globally" with a list of different environmental subjects you can select. Then it offers several articles to read that includes excellent statistics, simple and economical ideas, and other useful information. If you want information pertaining to your own neighborhood, go down the left side where it says "act locally" and click on your state to get current informations on local programs. Overall this is one of the best sites I've found. Check it out at

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