The Importance of Understanding Food Insecurity

As our world population continues to grow, it is predicted that by the year 2050 we will have to find a way to feed 9 billion people. According to We Forum, the demand for food will be 60% higher than it is today! Thinking about numbers like this is overwhelming. But, it is important to understand food scarcity, and how it becomes, because the more we are aware, the easier it is to prevent. There are multiple factors that can form food scarcity around the world. The biggest factor is our growing global population, climate change, and water scarcity (which can lead to difficulties with farming).

Above we see a graphic that explains the consequences of food scarcity. Lack of nutrition can lead to many various health issues. It's a cycle that keeps going.

Understanding that food insecurity is a huge challenge for many people around the world is one of the most important factors in trying to prevent it from happening to our future generations. 
Below is an infographic that can help us understand the difference between various ways that people suffer from hunger. 

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