Women Have Power Too

Link: https://youtu.be/qWNae7vYK6s
Women, daily, have to deal with workplace sexual harassment across the entire world. Men believe that the power that they have in a workplace, means that they can disrespect, harass, and use women around them for their own pleasure nonstop rather than to treat her like a respectful colleague. This all comes from a power trip and from the stigma's that our society is trying to hard to get away from. Men in the workplace still believe that women are incapable, there for looks, there for them to use, uneducated, weak, and so many more sad and terrible words. In this world where a lot of men are in the seat of power across corporations, this presents an impossible situation for a woman to be in. As Gretchen Carlson talks about in her TEDtalk, most women that have reached out to her with these stories, are now in professions that they did not chose for themselves. When sexual harassment happens in the work place, it is not treated as an important issue, it is treated as bad press. This is treated as covering up the situation, hushing the woman, protecting the business, rather than protecting the people that keep that business running. America needs a change, the world needs a change, where this is not okay and there are punishments for the actions of men that partake in this mindset.

Carlson also talks about some myths within her talk, and she touches on the fact that society clings to "Women bring it on themselves". This is something we all have heard, and hopefully this is something that people know now is played out and false. Women should be able to feel confident and represent their personal brand in however way they want with makeup, hair products, clothes, shoes, and this should have absolutely nothing to do with men taking their power to the extreme and thinking that they are always valid when making statements toward fraternization with a coworker or peer in the workplace. This is not at fault of a woman, this is an issue that women have to deal with everyday that is mentally breaking, and society's mindset needs to change now to support her.
-Shelby Cafferty