Steps to a Greener Future

So you want to help protect the environment, but you don’t know how. That is a situation that many individuals find themselves in, yet they don’t know much about recycling or the reduction of plastic consumption. I’m going to share a few easy tips and lifestyle changes one can incorporate into their daily routine to steer them in the right direction towards a greener future.  

1.     Use a reusable coffee tumbler. In a study from 2016, it was proven that 4 billon Starbucks To-Go cups go to waste annually. As a community, we must take steps to lower this number. One way to do that is by bringing reusable cups to the store instead of using and throwing away a plastic one. Additionally, you receive a discount for bringing your own tumbler. 
2.     Skip the plastic bags at checkout. Plastic bags have caused a downfall in the environment in the past century, but there is a way we can work to overcome it. Bring in reusable bags or empty boxes to the grocery store. Or opt for paper bags instead of plastic ones.
3.     Go straw-less. Straws are another leading cause of death for sea life, yet can easily be avoided. Next time you are at a restaurant tell your waiter you don’t need a straw and drink it the old-fashioned way. If you are at Starbucks ask for a Nitro lid (looks like a sippy cup lid), that way you can omit that straw use.

These 3 simple steps, yet small, help us reach a brighter future for our environment. If everyone in our community followed these few steps the world would already start looking a whole lot greener.