Can we consume less plastic?

There is over 30 million tons of plastic consumed by the US and only around 7percent of that plastic gets recycled. What are some easy ways to reduce our plastic consumption?  One thing that we should all is creating less plastic garbage.  Below are 5 simple suggestions how we can do that:

1.     Don’t buy items that are packaged in plastic, instead have a reusable bag on you. 
2.     Instead of buying bottled water, try using and carry a reusable one. – if you are worried about the cleanliness or chemicals of tap water, invest in a water filter.  There is no evidence that bottled water is healthier than tap water.
3.     Bring a reusable mug when you buy coffee – it is estimated that 4 Billion Starbucks To-Go Cups thrown away every year. Yes, you heard that right, 4 BILLION!
4.     Say NO to straws
5.     Don’t buy clothes made from synthetic materials – washing synthetic clothing causes the micro-plastic particles to flake off and end up in the oceans which hurts the marine life.