Several countries in Sub-Saharan Africa ,are affected by deforestation in . With Commercial
logging or cattle ranching the leading causes in Africa are heavily associated with human activity.

The tropical forests were reduced by 15.4 million hectares per year . Deforestation is an complex
environmental issue within Sub-Saharan Africa. The amount of land cleared is at a ghastly rate.  
For ten years this is the equivalent to nearly three times the size of France.

Growing countries are facing wood fuel, which are the major energy source for cooking and heating.
Africa has 90 percent of the entire continent's population uses fuel wood dedicated for everyday living.
Used mainly for cooking. Within Sub-Saharan Africa, firewood and brush supply approximately
52 percent of all energy sources.

Deforestation is a problem, expanding quickly.  There is no general idea on its cause or on ways
to develop a solution.  To help these issues in the long run , regulating the logging industry,
developing forest protection schemes, and addressing human activities that promote or add to
deforestation within Sub-Saharan Africa .


By: Rheagan Dukes