Vampire Power

What is vampire power? It’s the amount of power that electronic devices and appliances use when they are plugged in, but not turned on. This also known by the term standby power.Without precautions everything that you leave plugged in when you aren’t even at home is still drawing energy from the power grid. This leads to higher energy costs for you. Who wouldn’t want a little break on their energy bill? Becoming aware is the first step to achieving the goal of a lower electric bill.

Lets use video game systems as an example. The current generation of consoles have standby mode as the default setting which still draws a significant percentage of the power that these machines use when they being actively gamed on. The user must go into the settings and manually adjust the option to completely power down the console to benefit from the approximate 1 KWH of power shown in the graph.

In the quest for designing more powerful and impressive hardware, the engineers at Microsoft and Sony have made energy efficiency a low priority. Lucky by changing this settings to completely power  down when not in use this power drain can be minimized, also the use of a common powerstrip can also be a gatekeeper for your system. By plugging your power hungry systems into a powerstip with the flick of a switch you can toggle off their ability to suck that sweet electricity. For a list of other common appliances and their vampire power drain you can look here.

  Due to fluctuating rates it's difficult to determine how much vampire power may be costing you every year but heres a helpful chart that gives you an idea of what you may be gifting to the electric company annually depending on which state you reside in. With a little mindfulness it's possible to save some money which can be spent on other things, like more video games!