Tiny Houses/Composting Toilets

The tiny house movement has been at the forefront of implementing green technology in the
United States. Composting toilets are a new and strange technology to many, but the desire for
cheaper living has inspired them to take the “plunge” and incorporate these into their tiny dwellings.
The technology and how it works may seem like science fiction to some, so if you’re curious about
how the work you can get more information here.  
Accepting a smaller footprint has become a viable and economic option for many with the soaring
rent prices in urban areas across the United States. By choosing the option of a composting toilet in their tiny homes, they have eliminated the need for the extensive plumbing and infrastructure that takes up valuable space in area where space is at a premium. It also eases the burden of the technical  knowledge needed to construct a tiny house, which many people have chosen to do themselves to further save on the costs.  Also one of the greatest benefits to a composting toilet, is it lack of water usage. Just think of the money people save on when the water bill when they employ this system!