The Life Cycle of a Plastic Bottle

So, you are thirsty and you forgot to bring your own water container because you are in a hurry to leave your house. Your one and only option is probably to buy cold bottled water from your work or school’s cafeteria. Then after you drink the life out of that water bottle, you throw it away (I hope you put it in a recycle bin). But where would the plastic bottle go?

Here is a video that tells a story about the life cycle of three plastic bottles:

According to Montgomery Schools, an average American consumes 167 plastic bottles a year. And that is not including people from other developed countries who also consume bottled water. If left alone to rot on their own, plastic bottles could take a thousand years to finally decompose. Some plastic doesn't even decompose; they just break down into microscopic pieces and are fated to forever float in the ocean. As the video stated, these microscopic pieces can be ingested by sea creatures and through the food chain could end up in human food. Imagine the health problems that would entail in a human’s system. The spaces the plastic take up, the toxic waste they emit and other threats they pose to the wildlife and environment are a serious issue. But if disposed of properly, a plastic bottle could be recycled and reborn into another incarnation that can be used again.

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The dangers posed by plastic bottles to the environment are compelling reasons to minimize if not completely shun our use of them. However, we have to be realistic. There are times when we cannot avoid using plastic bottles. In such circumstances, the next best thing we could do is make sure they are properly disposed. In that way, they can be used again instead of becoming a problem for us and the environment.

So, recycle, recycle, recycle. 

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