No thank you, I’ll Pass on the celebration

Name a few National holidays please. No really, I’m listening! Alright so we have Thanksgiving, Christmas.. Sure we can count New Years as one. What about the national days that fall short of being a nationwide commotion? Mmm not too familiar with those I see, well that’s a shame. December 8th is national brownie day, a great day to celebrate. April 22nd, Earth Day! Don’t want to forget that one! There is a national day that keeps changing the date every year. Have you heard of it? Its Ecological Debt Day more commonly known as Earth Overshoot Day (EOD). Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? Well it’s not too pleasant. EOD is calculated by dividing the Earth's natural resources (for that year) by human consumption of those natural resources (for that year). The number is then multiplied by 365. Though the day calculated is an estimate, it is still a chilling number. The first time that Earth Overshoot was calculated was in the year 1987. The date calculated was December 19. This year EOD landed on August 2. This day of awareness may seem troubling but view it as an opportunity to make a decision for change.  A sustainable lifestyle can start by decreasing food waste, enjoying more local produce, carpooling and recycling. These are all small steps in decreasing the footprint of humanity upon the environment. To learn more about what you can do in your daily life to move the date forward visit overshoot day

Curious to see your footprint on Earth and when would your EOD be if everyone had your lifestyle? Check out the FootPrint calculator made by Global Footprint Network.