Do you know a climate change skeptic?

Do you know a climate change skeptic? Undoubtedly, you know the hearsay of plausible deniability constantly touted by skeptics. Here are some sources of reliable information that proves human caused climate change is real and an imminent threat.

“In 2014, CO2 concentrations crossed 400 ppm in the atmosphere for the first time in at least 2.5 million years.”

According to data sourced from ice cores by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, for the past 420,000 years, our planet's C02 concentrations hovered between roughly 200-280 ppm. As of 2005, we averaged 378 ppm of C02.
Scripps Institution of Oceanography

This graph demonstrates the link between the increase in measured CO2 concentrations in our atmosphere with the advent of
humans emitting CO2 into the atmosphere. This is a fact, humans have been emitting C02 into the atmosphere, and we can accurately measure the amount. 57% of carbon emissions are due to the burning of fossil fuels. The greenhouse gas effect was first proposed in the 1820's by Joseph Fourier, and is considered basic science.

Scan of 1981 Exxon internal memo acknowledging the role of CO2 emissions in climate change.Special interests of fossil fuel companies deliberately spend millions of dollars in advertising to question the science to protect their bottom line. This has direct evidence in the form of leaked memos from Exxon.

The fact is a consensus of 97% of 30,000 scientists polled believe that climate change is human caused. Yet, most Americans don't believe there is a scientific consensus.

Our global temperature has risen 1°C and posted this map of the effects. It’s bad, and growing worse everyday.
Screenshot of climate impacts map on

Scientists know exactly what we need to do to prevent warming in excess of 2°C. 80% of our fossil fuels need to stay in the ground.

Here, has compiled a well of resources, including more than 350 videos detailing climate change and its effects. What can you do? Taking action can be simple. ! Click these links to do something!! Resources Trainings

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