6 Pollutants That you May be Living With!

We all know some cleaners and the like are used to fight bacteria, and can harm us in a multitude of ways, but did you know that there are some other more well-itentIoned household items that may be causing unnecessary pollution in your home? Here is a list of items that you may want to think twice about before purchasing!


While these may be spicing up your home, 

they may be dirtying up your lungs. Candles create 
gases no matter how healthy they seem to be during
 combustion which can cause pollution in the home.

2. Carpets and Rugs

You know that new carpet smell you love? 
That smell is actually hazardous VOC's, or as some
 call it, volatile organic compounds. The exposure to this 
can cause many short-term and long-term side affects that 
are important to consider, especially when purchasing
 synthetic carpets.

3. Kitchen Stoves

Even if you are not using the stove, emissions of nitrogen
 dioxide from a poorly ventilated kitchen can cause
 a great amount of air pollution in your house. With this
 said, you should always try and use a vent when
 cooking to help the air in your house!

4. Air Fresheners

Air Fresheners are always nice to make 
the place smell nice and fresh, but the reality 
is these can actually emit gases that are 
toxic and harmful to our bodies so think 
twice before purchasing

5. Air Purifiers

You may be thinking that those air purifiers are something
 that can be of use in a home filled with potential toxins, 
but those purifies could be releasing what is called ozone into your 
home and can become an irritant to your lungs over time.

6. Upholstered Furniture and Pressed-Wood Products

While exciting, many new pieces of furniture contain 
formaldehyde that can cause unhealthy side effects. Trying to find 
formaldehyde free pieces is the best bet to a safer home in this case!