Water Credit and the Philippines

The Philippines: A verdant tropical island off the coast of Asia. With such a lush environment, the last thing you'd expect from this island country would be a water crisis. But even now, over eight million Phillipinos rely on unsafe drinking water, and a record 27 million do not have access to modern sanitation practices. The Country is suffering these problems due to a lack of funding, and a dedicated urban sprawl from large cities like Manila and Quezon. It is not safe to drink most tap water in large urban areas, and a bathroom could look like a hole in the ground. Although much of the country is highly modern and developed, more of it lacks access to such luxuries.

Enter Water.org. This collective and their partners have recently decided to add the Philippines to their "Water Credit" program. This program brings together investors and humanitarian activists to pursue a better future in countries that do not have access to clean water. In doing so, Water.org has already reached almost a million Phillipino citizens with aid and loans for updated water practices. The infographic below shares details of their already-implemented Water Credit program. If you would like to hear more about the Water Credit plan and how you can help, you can find information here