Competition in the Solar Roof Market Heats Up

 The limitless energy of the sun has stimulated the drive to produce better means of harnessing that power. Technology in this industry has progressed from early solar panels that have over time become more efficient to today’s solar roofs that increase the functionality of a building’s features. Through the use of government tax incentives, the industry has been able to grow a market to meet the growing modern energy needs with the objective to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

 Enter into this field the Tesla and Forward Labs companies who are making a presence in the solar power industry and driving competition in the process. 

Tesla, Inc. Slate Solar Roof
 Tesla, Inc. based out of Palo Alto, CA offers a line of solar roofs incorporating solar tiles more reminiscent of traditional roof shingles. The company advertises a generating capacity of 19 watts per square foot. Their roofing system is accompanied by a Powerwall™ battery system that can serve to power a Tesla car or according to the website power a house during a Zombie Apocalypse. 

Forward Labs Solar Roof
 Compare this system to that of Forward Labs, also based out of Palo Alto, CA. This start-up company advertises a solar roof system that generates 19 watts per square foot. Forward Labs presents a design that is a modern metal roof style offered in eight colors according to their website. The system boasts a unique passive cooling vent system to keep the roof operating at high efficiency.


PSU EcoMerge Capstone 2017

 Apart from aesthetic concerns there is the matter of installation cost, energy generation, and overall long-term energy savings to consider when a homeowner is considering investing in a solar roof. We at PSU Ecomerge have run the calculations to compare the Tesla and Forward Labs solar roof systems to give a sense of the start-up costs based on the respective cost calculators for both companies. To give an idea of long-term energy savings we have utilized the Solar Power Authority cost calculator. 

PSU EcoMerge Capstone 2017

 Harnessing the sun’s energy can provide opportunities to bring unlimited power to millions of people in the developing world as well. Our partners at Green Empowerment in coordination with EKOenergy and Energy for All maintains programs that bring solar power to thousands of rural people living in Nicaragua.

 To learn more about these programs, click  HERE. If you want to help bring power to people in need, click HERE.

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