Top 5 Sustainability Documentaries

Sometimes it can seem overwhelming to do your own research on sustainability, and all the facets that go along with it. Fortunately over the years,  there have been amazing documentaries created about sustainability and the environment around the world.

Food Inc. 
This documentary is centered around the conditions of the American food industry and food system and how its aggressive structure is affecting the world. It features interviews from farmers who are pressured by huge corporations and their deceitful marketing and intensive farming techniques. Hopefully this film with enlighten you and change your view on what foods we eat.

Plastic Planet
This film analyzes the material that has become indispensable in today's society. It highlights the consequences of the mass consumption and production of plastic and how it is extremely harmful to the world. This documentary will hopefully put a perspective on your consumption habits of plastic and make you more aware of the pollution caused by it. Just because you may not see the repercussions it in your environment, does not mean it doesn't exist in someone else's.

Many people might not think anything of cow farms, slaughterhouses, or even our consumption of beef. However, the director of this film points out how this industry is very destructive toward our planet. Animal agriculture is seen to be one of the leading causes in deforestation, pollution, water consumption and much more. Even if you don't want to give up eating meat, at least educate yourself on the process and harms of this industry.

Waste Land
Rio de Janerio is popularly known as the city that held the 2016 summer olympics, but did you know it is also host the largest waste dump in Latin America? This documentary shows what life is like to the people  living here is like. This film with make you face the harsh reality of something that can eventually become a problem in your city. Hopefully you can be aware of your waste habits after watching.

Before the Flood
This film follows Leonardo DiCaprio around the world as he meets with some of the most powerful and influential figures to talk about climate change. He takes you to places that you might overlook to really show how global warming is affecting our planet. It can be engaging, emotional and alarming to witness such terror, but can also inspire people to make a change. This film points out that even though humans created this, we are powerful enough to do something and change the outcome of our planet's life.

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