Green Empowerment in Myanmar/Burma

Green Empowerment is an organization headquartered in Portland, Or that aims at providing relief and service in providing affordable energy, water, sanitation systems, and feel efficient appliances such as stoves. They work with rural communities in developing countries. One of the countries that they are working in is Burma/Myanmar. This country has faced the lack of basic energy services which put a strain on the education, healthcare, and income-generating opportunities. The biggest challenge is the electrification of less than 30% in the rural areas. The local leaders are seeking help and support from the government and and international aid organizations. Green Empowerment has been working in Myanmar for many years with local NGO’s. They started off supporting the installation of solar panels the schools and hospitals. They are continuing to work with the local NGO’s , manufacturers, and small scale business owners to continue their work. By doing so they are able to gain an understanding of the local risks, resources, and opportunities. 

How To Get Involved
Green Empowerment encourages students to get involved locally and internationally. They support international service in two ways: International Internship and Institutional Service Learning. The International Internship is a way to share your unique skills for 6-12 months in one of the countries that they are located in with their partners. During that time, you will strengthen the capacity of what the local partners are able to do as well as immerse yourself within the culture and build your own “toolkit”. The second opportunity, Institutional Service Learning, is a way to partner with schools, companies, and other institutions. Green Empowerment builds relationships that allow institution and its employees to give back and learning first hand what you can do to help and support those communities in need.  Green Empowerment is a great way to involved and help those that are in need of their basic needs.