Meet our Winter 2017 partner, Green Empowerment!

Along with updating the EcoMerge blog, the PSU EcoMerge capstone students partner with a different community partner each term, and create a website for that partner. This term, that partner is Green Empowerment.

Image courtesy of Green Empowerment

Green Empowerment strives to “improve access to affordable and renewable energy, safe drinking water, sanitation systems, and fuel efficient cook stoves” in rural communities around the world. The organization believes that these four technologies of living are necessary for a safe, dependable, and disease free life. To improve access to these things, Green Empowerment takes a variety of actions such as installing solar power water pumps in villages and providing them with wind turbines to bring power to homes and communities.

Green Empowerment works to improve the lives in a number of countries including The Philippines, Nicaragua, Peru, Ecuador, Malaysian Borneo, and Myanmar. The organization provides opportunities to volunteer here and Portland, or even abroad. Volunteers can work in the Portland office and help with administrative tasks, or they travel to the countries that Green Empowerment supports for six to twelve months and help communities in need. Whether it’s close to home or overseas, any volunteer effort makes a huge impact and supports the hard work that Green Empowerment does.

Image courtesy of Green Empowerment

Check out Green Empowerment’s website here, and PSU EcoMerge’s website supporting Green Empowerment here.