Help get rid of plastic bags!

Shout out to California for upholding their plastic bag ban! Proposition 67 had voters deciding on whether to keep the ban on the plastic bag or abolish it. More information regarding their plastic bag laws can be found here.

While this is a great step towards more sustainability, Italy took this step almost seven years ago! Italy has the highest plastic bag consumption per year, with 20 billion total, or 300 per person. The ban was propose back in 2006, but took four years to implement, with the deadline in 2010. More information here . 

Because they are so light, plastic bags often get blown away and into places they don't belong - like the ocean.

Image result for plastic bags animals

Image result for plastic bags animals

So start the change! This is as easy as carrying a reusable shopping bag or two in your car, purse, backpack, etc. There are also many petitions online for various cities to ban plastic bags. Portland adopted the ban back in 2011, but there are still millions of plastic bags being used. Do your part and start helping the turtles!