What's In Your Fridge?

As I was walking through the grocery store this evening, I thought it would be interesting to go around the produce section and see if I recognize any of the produce farms while seeing if they are local or not, and if I have even heard of them. Although I may not keep an up-to-date log of what farms are in the northwest area, I do have an idea of some of the ones surrounding my community. Some familiar names I came across was Hurst's Berry Farm from Sheridan, OR and Bella Organic Farm in Portland, OR. Although these two well known local farms, we see many more California and foreign country produce farms producing and delivering at a higher rate. 

Why is it that smaller markets and grocery stores tend to stay more local with their products as apposed to larger grocery stores? One reason for a growing economy would have to involve having successful global trade and food plays an extremely large role in trading. Not only does it help improve the economy for the supplier, but it also helps the communities it is serving as well by providing products that may not be produced as sufficiently if it were grown locally. This is not to say that buying products out of season is the smartest thing to do, but shows what an important role global trade has in the produce world. 

As thankful as I am for these global produce dealers, I think it is important to pay attention to what our local produce farms are generating. One thing that everyone should do is go into your fridge and see how many different cities, states, and countries contribute to your food products that you buy. You will be surprised by the range of places you have in your fridge!

Below is a list of local farms to look for while you make your next grocery store trip:

Local Farms in the Northwest Region:
  1.  Hurst's Berry Farm - Sheridan, OR http://hbfberries.com
  2.  Bella Organic Farm - Portland, OR http://bellaorganic.com
  3.  Northwest Organic Farm - Ridgefield, WA http://northwestorganicfarms.com
  4. Hilltop Produce Farms, LLC - Troutdale, OR http://www.hilltopproducefarms.com
  5. Siri and Son Farms - Clackamas, OR http://www.siriandsonfarms.com

Along with various links to local farming companies, below are two useful links to websites that can help you research the local farms in the Northwest area and see how they contribute to the stores and communities around you.

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