Sustainable at home farming: Chickens

If you are considering living a more sustainable lifestyle, or perhaps you are on the hunt for a new pet to bring home to your family, you might want to consider purchasing a pet chicken or two. Not only are chickens great pets that are relatively easy to take care of, they also provide a highly sustainable food source by producing eggs. This is highly sustainable, but it can save you so much money as the price of a dozen eggs really starts to add up when feeding a family, plus having eggs from your own backyard ensures that they truly are fresh and organic, giving you complete control of the ingredients in them based on what you feed your chickens.

While ensuring freshness, you are also ensuring that the animals that your food come from are treated humanely, and you are able to stop supporting large industrial farms that may not treat their animals as they should. In addition to providing peace of mind, owning chickens can help you to lead a more sustainable lifestyle by eliminating waste – chickens can eat all types of table scraps, such as fruit and veggie leftovers and shavings. Plus, chickens are an excellent natural source of compost and fertilizer, and can be beneficial when creating a compost pile for your garden.

Before purchasing chickens, be sure to check that chickens are allowed where you live and that you are up for the commitment, and research how to make a chicken coop to fit the space you have – there are plenty of easy, DIY ideas out there that can be made in a single afternoon.