Looking For Something Sweet?

Throughout this blog you have read plenty about sustainable crops, livestock, and farming. Some might begin to think that if you want something sweet sustainable is out of the question. Think again! You can have chocolate, cookies, bars, etc. and still purchase from companies doing their part to be sustainable. Here are a few companies producing sweet and delectable products while maintaining the reputation of being sustainable.

Back To Nature: This company is doing its part to create chocolate treats without using any artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. The chocolate used in their treats is Rainforest Alliance certified all while being packaged in 100% paperboard as well as supporting water and land conservation worldwide.

Bissingers Chocolate: This chocolate company creates a plethora of specialty chocolates that are made from natural ingredients from sustainable cocoa farms. Each chocolate is handmade using premium ingredients while upholding high standards. This company supports sustainable farming and works with Fair Trade in order to have responsible labor practices on their cocoa farms.
Dove Dark Chocolate: When individuals purchase Dove Dark Chocolate they are helping further the Mars Sustainable Cocoa Initiative. An effort to train farms, educate and plant through Cocoa Development Centers and Village Cocoa. Mars is actively researching the technology needed to improve cocoa farming and pledges to purchase 100% of their cocoa from certified sources by the year 2020.

Endangered Species Chocolate: The chocolate sold by Endangered Species Chocolate is sustainably produced and with every purchase they help support different species and habitat conservations. Each bar sold features an animal or habitat that will be directly positively impacted by said purchase.
Hershey Bliss: All Bliss chocolates are made from Rainforest Alliance-certified farms all while being on mission to help West African cocoa farmers learn about how to farm sustainably, farm safely, crop disease prevention and child labor and top of other important things.

If you are curious about other treats you can find that are sustainable, click here.

The next time you reach for a candy bar, why not make it a sustainable choice!