Can you eat too healthy?

Now this is never something that I have been accused of but I have certainly had friends accused of eating “too healthy”. So is that possible? Can we go overboard with the healthy eating practices we have and eat more fruits and veggies than we should?

The simple answer is: yes, it is possible to eat too healthy and as a result it means we are no longer eating healthy. So how do you know if you are eating more fruits and vegetables than is advised? In the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Violet eats a piece of candy that turns up basically into a blueberry. Fear not, this won’t happen to you but one side effect of eating too many carrots for example is that you can develop an orange tint to your skin.

However, the most common sign of too many fruits and Vegetables is that you have too much fiber in your diet. Now Fiber is a healthy thing for you and promotes digestive health when it is consumed in the right quantities. Too much fiber though and you could develop digestive issues such as bloating, gas, stomach pains and other forms of unpleasantness.

Throughout all the literature one idea seems to be presented as the solution to this risk: BALANCE.
This article ( presents not only more information on this topic but information about more in depth research into the idea.