Where to Buy Seasonal Produce in Your Town

Want to know what foods are grown locally in your area, AND where to buy them?

Buying local produce has many benefits for yourself, friends, and family! These main benefits pertain to your health, the sustainability of earth, environmental impacts, and the economy. Below are the major highlights of each benefit:

Health Benefits: Seasonal produce has greater nutritional content and provides your body with many important vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. As well as fulfilling natural cleaning and healing abilities within your body.

Sustainable Benefits: Eating seasonally is better for the planet as the produce is grown by organic farmers who emphasize on quality and nutrition. These farmers grow produce without using pesticides and toxic chemicals which make the produce healthier and protect the planet.

Environmental Benefits: Buying seasonal produce reduces your carbon foot print by the amount the produce has to travel. This is because these foods use less fuel to travel and ultimately reduce pollution compared to foods not purchased locally.  

Economic Benefits: Seasonal produce is less expensive compared to purchasing produce out of season. Not only is it less expensive to purchase, but you are also supporting your local economy and the farmers around you.

Convinced that eating seasonal produce is perfect for you?

Click here for the seasonal food guide and find what produce is available in your area during any specific time of the year! This guide will not only inform you of what is available, you can also source recipes, and read about each produce more specifically.

To find where you can buy these delicious seasonal goods, go to the Local Harvest and type in your area of residence. Here you will discover where to shop, local events, farmer’s markets, and more!