Free Environmental Assistance Programs

EarthWISE Business Assistance Program

Marion County, Oregon is home to the EarthWISE Business Assistance Program, which specializes in providing free environmental assistance. Their primary focus is to create an initiative for more sustainable enterprise in Marion County. They help with everything from answering environmental emails to conducting site environmental assessments. EarthWISE offers a sustainability certification with a dauntingly strict criteria.

EarthWISE does more than just offer the most highly coveted certification in Marion County, they actually help businesses obtain it. After an assessment is done, and the recommendations are made, they will help provide the necessary resources to facilitate change. Their website is also a great tool for seeking out sustainability information. It has everything from frequently asked questions to EarthWise case studies that give you an in-depth look at how other businesses have obtained the certification.

There are a lot of great sustainability programs and certificates out there, but EarthWISE is one of the best FREE resources and certifications that I have come across. Don't have a business in Marion County? No worries, there are lot of national "Green" certifications and resources that you can obtain online. If you have any questions about sustainability, give EarthWISE an email or a call regardless where your business is. This organization can do wonders for your business.

EarthWISE Business Assistance Program

For more information about national sustainability programs visit: Green Business Network