Geothermal Heating


Many residential and commercial buildings use natural gas and electricity to supply heat. The result in using these types of heating methods creates methane. In the past 10 years natural gas consumption was 1/5 of the total energy consumed in the world and 1/3 in the US. Natural gas and petroleum systems make up 30% of methane emissions in America.

A great alternative for heating and cooling buildings is geothermal heat pumps. These geothermal pumps are able to use the natural heat from the earth to create steam or to chill the water in order to heat and cool buildings. With this great tool it reduces the need for using other sources such as natural gas.

Portland State University installed a geothermal system to improve on their overall goal for sustainability. Four geothermal heat pumps were installed which are used to control the climate of 15 buildings around campus. Not only does this help reduce emissions that would have been used to heat and cool these buildings, but it also reduces utility costs for the university.