Becoming Environmentally Aware In College

While at college students are learning so much and one more thing they can add to the list is how to be sustainable and create habits that will help prevent greenhouse gasses such as methane. It is important that people at a young age understand the importance of living a sustainable life and know that their decisions now will impact the planet in the future.

On average each college student produces 640 pounds of waste every year (that includes 320 pounds of paper as well as 500 disposable cups). Due to these alarming facts, college seems like a great place to learn about how to prevent this kind of waste in the future. Colleges all over the country are working to be conscientious of their production of waste. Many are taking sustainability challenges and are turning into green campuses.

Some minor changes can make a huge difference. Getting no paper or plastic bags when shopping reduces a huge amount of waste—waste that would have ended up in landfills and created more methane. Also shopping for things that have little to no packaging also helps. Reducing garbage anywhere you can by eliminating using things you don’t need in the first place or learning to recycle and compost reduces increases in landfills and also the creation of greenhouse gas like methane.

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