Keep an Eye out for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning this Winter

 Hey everyone winter is here!!! Time to turn those heaters and stoves on. One of things to be cautious about if you have gas heaters or stoves in your home is carbon monoxide poisoning. These sneaky gases are order less, tasteless and colorless which can make it nearly impossible to detect if there is a problem. Carbon monoxide can kill, it is extremely dangerous. These gases are used in pretty much everything related to heating and cooking, gas heaters, furnaces, water heaters, wood stoves and fire places, and gas stoves, generators, anything related to power gasoline equipment and tobacco smoke.  Carbon monoxide poisoning can impair your vision and coordination, cause headaches, dizziness, confusion, nausea and even death if exposed in high volumes. Children, pregnant women, babies and people with heart condition are the most at risk to exposure. Most people don’t even known there being poisoned, it’s easy to misdiagnose the symptoms because they mirror other common illness like colds or flu

Here are some helpful tips in keeping your home safe

Buy and install a carbon monoxide detector, this is the most effective way to ensure the safety of your home. Here's a  link:

Make sure and double check that all you gas appliances are properly turned off: This is an easy one to forget, especially if your busy or distracted, sadly  I do it all the time on my gas stove I have to double to check and make sure I turn the knob’s all the way too off before leaving the kitchen.

You can also install an exhaust fan over your gas stove to ensure proper ventilation

Never idle in your car while it’s turned on inside your garage, this can kill you. Make sure to open your garage to ensure the proper circulation of fresh air.

If you have a fire place or wooden stove, double check the fire place is cleaned and the flues remain open. In a wooden stove always install the right size for your living space and always double check that the doors are tightly secured.

If you think you do have leak, open all the window and vacate the premises immediately! Call your local gas company to come and inspect your home to make sure it’s safe before returning.    

Be aware this winter season, for safety of yourself, your family and your animals. Carbon monoxide poisoning is really easy to prevent, it just requires a little extra effort in double checking your gas appliances and make sure there’s always proper ventilation. Keep warm this winter and be safe.