Pesticides and Air Quality

Most people think of pesticides as being something that only effects the outdoors, but would you be surprised to learn that people are exposed to large amounts of pesticide pollution inside as well? Improper storage and treatment of indoor pesticides can lead to health problems in adults as well as children.

If you intend to use pesticides indoors or outdoors, there are easy and straightforward ways to help reduce the effects of pesticide pollution. When using pesticides outdoors, wear a pair of shoes and pants you can easily remove and clean when re-entering the home. This will reduce the chances of someone bringing pesticides inside with them on their clothes. Close all doors and windows into the home to stop the wind from bringing pesticides in as well. If you are applying pesticides indoors, open the windows to outside to bring in fresh air.

There is an alternative to pesticide use however. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a strategy that incorporates common sense techniques to prevent the development and long-term effects of pest in the household and outdoors. When using the IPM method, the first step is to identify what kind of pest is affecting your home and then recognize WHY they are being drawn to your home.

An example from the National Pesticide Information Center's website:

For more information on the effects of pesticides on your home and health, and more information on alternatives, such as the IPM method, check out the following links.