Climate Change: Indoor Effects?

The EPA has an interesting topic it's pursuing: how is rapid climate change effecting our indoor environments? 

Their concern? Our climate is rapidly changing due to pollution and environmental factors and our houses are built for a climate that no longer exists. If we want to improve our own health as well as take care of the environment, we're going to have to explore new ways of building and remodeling homes.

Problems climate change can cause according to the Institute of Medicine's research:

  • Increase in pests in areas previously unaffected - pests may migrate towards homes as a result of their natural habitat becoming inhospitable; more pests mean more use of harmful, air polluting pesticides
  • Extreme weather conditions - extreme waves of weather are becoming more common every year; extreme cold in an unprepared household can cause build up of moisture and mold, which decreases air quality. Extreme heat in an unprepared household can cause overheating, fires, and blackouts. Household appliances effected by these issues can contribute to reduced air quality.
  • Environmental wear on housing - the more extreme our environment becomes, the more it can wear on the very foundation of our homes. Houses that become worn down and develop more and more issues allow in more contaminates that effect air quality and the health of its occupants.

For the full report by the Institute of Medicine click HERE.