Visit our Urban Naturalization Website

Hello readers! All of us here in the Portland State University Multimedia Capstone course have been working hard over the summer to create a website about Urban Naturalization. We hope you will take a chance to look at it and possibly integrate what you read into your lives.
Here is a list of contributions by class members:

Michael Alner
- Posted website content
- Designed website
- Worked many things technical

Selina Cleary
-Creative direction & design
-Color scheme
-Infographic creation (Benefits & Costs)

Michael Ferguson
-Tracked progress using Gantt chart
-Coordinated between groups
-Gave input on technical decisions
Erin Looney
-Wrote benefits and costs section
-Edited content for site
-Worked with creative team

Jonathan Marcos
- Collected/researched raw data
- Wrote and edited content for website
- Took photos used on website

Emily Pitkin
- Wrote content for "Urban Naturalization" page
- Researched/collected raw data
- Coordinated between groups

Paul Rosales
-Creative direction
-Logo design
-Website layout

Garrett Williams
-Website & blog testing
-Analytical analysis
-General layout assitance