We Need Green Alternatives!

With every grain of sand, screw, and particle of silica enabling cities and communities continue to expand their concrete, metal, and glass reach - a proportionate ratio of rich soil, green leaves, and oxygen yielding trees are lost, lost forever.   Although buildings are remodeled and streets redesigned - rarely, if ever, are they replaced by the lush green grass, trees, and naturally flowing water once occupying the same unique place on earth.  The disturbing thing is that in many circles and for many people this expansion is considered progress, and in reality it is.  Take for example the new hospital complex in your community that replaced 100 acres of natural green space – the same hospital that, if not for its existence, could not have given life to your twin boys because of serious complications.  

Few can argue as our population continues to grows, so too does the need for critical services and the exploitation of all possible technology to make our lives healthier, longer, and easier.  However, all too often our unifocal approach to improving our lives lacks acute bifocal perspective.  In other words we are so busy being part of the picture we aren’t seeing the picture.  While ensuring we are talking care of humanity, we are unintentionally failing see the need to care for our planet and atmosphere; and I’m here to say, it is sick and it needs your help.

There are countless initiatives one can embrace; some as simple as tossing a plastic pop bottle into the recycling container instead of the trash – others as complex initiating a worldwide campaign on reversing global warming.  But one thing is certain - if we all stand-by doing nothing - all the medical advancements, technological improvements, and extended life expectancy will mean nothing because earth will ultimately be uninhabitable.  Our society is rich with power irrespective of which socioeconomic class to which one belongs.   This means everyone can help; everyone can make a difference.  All one must do is work to direct and leverage their energy towards realistically achievable goals within their sphere of influence – whether it be in their neighborhood, their entire city, or the entire world.

Below are a three initiatives, the concepts of which can be implemented on any scale; each has multiple facets and components.  I urge you to check them out, and the many other aspects of each which are available via a google search.