Urban What??

Urban naturalization. Seems like a big word, but it actually is something very important to the urban environment, especially as cities grow and green areas around those cities turn into the expanding jungle of metal and concrete, noise and pollution and the whole host of problems that come with an expanding superstructure. So, what is urban naturalization? Basically, it’s a nature park of some sorts. Cities end up losing so much to city growth, they forget that green areas are not only helpful for the environment it is also helpful in increasing property value, quality of life, and many other things in the urban city.

Now the question is, why should you care. You’re walking through the city, and you get to the waterfront. It is completely full of the city’s past—industrialization. You’ve heard that there are some people attempting to make this place go back to its former glory, and get very excited that one day, you will be able to walk through this waterfront and see huge blossoming trees, birds tweeting, flowers blooming, and other incredible features of a land that should be far away, but is actually inside the city. This is actually something one group is attempting to do here in Portland. While not completely birds and trees and a full approach to urban naturalization, they are attempting to revitalize the waterfronts to be something of its previous glory. Take a look
here, they explain more about it.

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