Let’s Hear it for Plastics!

     There is a lot of hoopla about the downside to plastics, but over the last few weeks we have brought to the forefront some interesting and unique perspectives to the world of plastics on this blog. 
     Something we should all keep in mind is that medical science would not be nearly as advanced as it is today without the introduction of plastics and other polymer and synthetic products.  Take the MRI for instance.  Because it uses a large magnet that attracts any metal within range, doctors were having trouble using the machine.  This all changed when plastics were fabricated to form a surrounding barrier to block the magnetization.  This is something perhaps more commonly known today.  

    However, I had no idea that the United States leads the world in reducing cross-staph infections within hospitals because of plastics packaging and its ability to keep items sterile.  Then there is the use of plastic in prosthetics to reduce the weight on the user. Even implants for hips, knees, and other joints utilize plastic to assist in pain-free movement in the elderly.  

    From eyeglasses, to contact lenses, to the caps on medicine bottles, plastics were invented to help and protect us. Plastic can be as strong as glass with safer properties.  Plastics protect our children from getting into hazardous containers like medicine bottles. We all know we need to change our every-day habits when it comes to plastics and its waste, but we also can no longer function as a society without them. Presently, it would be impossible to find anything better than plastics that do the same extraordinary job for medical science.