Japan Putting Plastic to Good Use

An inventor in Japan, Ito Akinori has developed new technology to take ordinary plastic bags and turn them into fuel! His inspiration for this device? The idea that plastic bags actually are created from oil, and so, why not return them to their original form? The machine does not create pollution, and for every 2 lbs. of plastic it converts, it only uses a single kilowatt of power.

So what could this mean for the potential recycling world? A drastic decrease in the amount of plastic bag waste would be one of the most profound changes, especially considering that according to Jessica Dailey, the author of the article below, America uses about 380 million plastic bags every year, and only recycles 7% of that. This number only includes plastic bags. Image how much plastic overall Americans use. There is so much potential to create recycled fuel.

This also could eliminate some need for the hunt for oil in the world. In its early stages the machine may not have the potential to eliminate the oil business entirely, but it could definitely make a difference. Unfortunately, the price of the machine is fairly high for now, but if it did drop, there would be an excellent market for it.

This article only shows one example of how plastic can become helpful to us if used correctly. http://inhabitat.com/japanese-inventor-akinori-ito-creates-machine-that-converts-plastic-bags-into-fuel/
The world has the opportunity to make a change if we take the time to consider the options and look at the potential of plastic as well.