Got Mercury?

Got Mercury?

Curious about mercury levels in your body?

If you prefer to keep a close track of your fish intake and concerned about the amount of mercury exposure in your body, check out Turtle Island Restoration Network’s Got Mercury? Calculator.

It’s one of the interactive ways to estimate mercury levels, builds personal awareness and helps make healthier food choices. Share it with others, too! All you have to do is input your weight, the type of seafood, and amount that you eat per week. Your results of mercury exposure in percentage pop up in an instant!

Photo credit: Turtle Island Restoration Network
Turtle Island Restoration Network suggests that a typical portion is:

Fish (Steak or Fillet)
  • 1 serving ~ about 6 to 8 oz.

Sushi Order
  • 2 to 4 oz. per type

Standard Can of Tuna
  • about 6 oz.

*Mercury Exposure Dose EPA Limit should be UNDER 100%.

For inputting more than one type of fish eaten per week, there is an option to use the Got Mercury? Advanced Calculator.