Where Else Can Mercury Be Found?

Where Else Can Mercury Be Found?

Sometimes we don’t consider that the element Mercury surrounds us at close proximity in common products. Not only does it linger in polluted air or is found in fish, but it is also found in items that are used daily inside homes, schools and offices. If not handled or disposed carefully, mercury can contaminate other items or surroundings. Since it is difficult for consumers of fish to escape from mercury, we sure can escape it this way.

Knowing where mercury is found other than in fish can help increase our awareness and decrease exposure to the element (by inhalation or ingestion) as much as possible. Although a selection of mercury-made products still exist, there are now more ways and alternatives to prevent risks of exposure to these items.

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Mercury is found in common products such as:
  •         Thermometers*
  •         Thermostats*
  •          Household Lamps*
  •          Batteries*
  •          Paints*
  •          Athletic Shoes*
  •          Disinfectants*
  •          Barometers*
  •          Clothing Irons*
  •          Pesticides*
  •          Antiseptics*
  •          Blood Pressure Gauges*
  •          Microwave Ovens*

    *indicates that there are available mercury-free or other alternatives

Be sure to check product labels for mercury (methyl mercury) and do research to find out if there are available products that have alternatives and/or are mercury-free.