Keep Up The Change!

Sometimes in this fierce world we just need a good pep talk to keep being conscientious and working to save the world. This is a mini-pep to keep you aglow. 

You are reading this because you care. Maybe, you wanted to know how your phone is effecting the polar ice caps, maybe a friend pointed you this way, maybe you are in school and are looking to finish a paper as quickly as you can. No matter how it is that you came to be reading this, it is because you care in someway. You might think that you are here out of obligation, and that can be part of it. That is not all of it. Because even if you are reading this because an authority, like a teacher, a boss or whomever brought you to this page, you have the option to stop reading now. Each moment is a choice.

Why didn't you stop? I suspect it has something to do with the kind of person you already are. You choose to be a "better" person. You want to better understand the issues of the world. You want to make use of that information. You want to share your knowledge with friend, and be a shining example of good. On this blog and here you can empower yourself with knowledge that will enable you and your friends to tweak small things that can have a deep impact. For example, because the issues surrounding electronic waste are not as ingrained in the collective mindset as other ecological issues, bringing this information to your friends through conversation or a digital share can change behaviors and spread.

It's easy. When your friend asks you if you're gonna upgrade to the new iPhone, just say, "Well...apart of me wants it, but I'm trying to be more mindful of my ecological footprint." Likely they will probe for more information. In this way you can demonstrate your values and inform them about things like rare earth elements without out being preachy. 

So keep learning, adjust your electronics consumption patterns, and share the ever-better you with your community! Perhaps you don't need to "save the world", but improving your community is improving your world, and the reverberations from that can shake the world at large in bigger ways than you may ever know!

"Be the change you want to see in the world"― Mahatma Gandhi