Live Clean

Our society continues to move towards a sustainable and organic way of living. Individuals and families all over have transitioned their eating habits from purchasing processed and pre-packaged food to buying natural and organic food and products. Local grocery stores have begun to accommodate this lifestyle by providing locally grown and organic products into their stores. Individuals who have adopted this lifestyle have sought out stores, markets, and companies that promote natural and healthy food and products.

Similar to the food we choose to eat, people are familiarizing themselves with the clothes they wear. Researchers and activists are discovering ways for people to promote and engage in a clean lifestyle, including clothes that are purchased and how to sustain them. 

Here are some things you can do that can be impactful:

·      Keep using old clothes
·      Laundry:
- Wash on cold 
- Hang dry
 - Use phosphate-free detergent
- Use front loading washer/ventless dryer)
·      Recycle

Deciding to live a toxic-free lifestyle can take effort. Individuals dedicate themselves by shopping and purchasing local, natural, and organic to maintain their healthy habits. Where can one begin to look for organic clothing? This site provides readers with additional information about clothing products and where to find eco-friendly clothing for children.

At Olive Fine Organic Living their mission is to produce clothing made without insecticides, fertilizers, and chemicals that are harmful to our health and the environment. Olive Organic offers a variety of apparel and accessories for both men, women, and children.