Battle toxins and protect our homes!

            I absolutely love that most citizens of our planet are becoming environmentally aware!  Times are rapidly changing regarding conservation; we don’t need to listen to the Grateful Dead, have dreadlocks or wear patchouli oil anymore.  Average people are getting involved and making a difference!  Truthfully, our current environment is in grave danger to the point that little schoolchildren have engaged in campaigns to reverse damage and preserve what we have.  In fact, my own five-year-old son asked a few days ago if we could save our recyclables and make them into toys.  He specifically noted, “That way we won’t be making the earth dirty with our garbage!”  Yeah, we had a little chat about how recycling works, but the point is that he’s aware of the problem at his age. 
            The good news is that there are many, many different agencies to support through monetary donations and volunteerism.  There’s EarthShare, which actually has numerous branches throughout the U.S., even one here in Oregon; it’s as easy as searching for “earthshare,” with the name of your state.  On a local note, a resource I found is called the Oregon Conservation Network, which is comprised of more than 40 separate environmental groups.  Realistically folks, there’s just no excuse for not getting involved, if my five-year-old can do it, you can too.  It’s so easy; we can sit at home and help out with just a few clicks!