Green Is the New Black

Often, it seems we must be made to compromise something when it comes to “going green.” With cars, it can mean a trade-off between performance and horsepower, or the better gas-mileage of a hybrid (or pure electric) vehicle. With food, we often have to pay much higher prices for the organic equivalents of our meat, fruits and vegetables. And when it comes to clothing, most of us think that a similar sacrifice must be made when it comes to fashion and style, or even the number of choices we have for organic and non-toxic clothing.

As this article from Fashionista points out, however, going green with your clothing doesn't have to mean giving up your style. The article also details the specific areas in which the retailers and manufacturers listed are doing their part for the environment, as well as the price range for each, so finding a fit for both your conscience and budget is a snap.

Also, by 2020, hip clothing retailers H&M and Zara have vowed to discontinue the use of toxic chemicals in their products. So, just as lead was eventually phased out for use in gasoline, toxic-free clothing may very well become the norm in the very near future!