Hungary among many other Countries has taken a stand against GMO crops by burning down the fields. What’s GMO like in Oregon? Growing organic foods is a very expensive and labor intensive job! Now Organic farmers not only have to worry about insects and natural weather ruining their crops but the seeds of  bio-engineered crops contaminating their fields and threatening the purity of organic farms. Cross contamination is a huge issue for organic farm owners. Intermingling is becoming an increase worry beyond the usual idea of pollen and traffic traveling the plant-pollen.  In Oregon we have things like GMO crop free Facebook groups and community groups pushing to end the GMO crop industry. Oregon is slowly developing plans for genetically modified crops and how to deal with them. Blank Organizations have been known to be behind the vandalism and destruction of many GMO crops. Although I do not encourage vandalism, ruining the hard earned money and years of work by farmers, crops I do support getting rid of GMO crops all together.