Farmer Joe Just Wants You to Be Healthy

Farmer Joe is a 50 year old man who, in his hi-waders and marsh boots wakes up every morning at 5 to oversee his 100 acre farm. He is passionate about healthy living, especially since his sister passed away last year due to Cancer. He is old fashioned in his beliefs and thinks that healthy living is our only defense against the disease of the modern world. He believes food is medicine.

His passion for healthy living is manifested in the quality organic foods he considers his children . This compels him to work long hard hours of physical labor so he can bring more goodness of the earths crops without compromised quality. He openly believes that the food we are consuming on a daily basis is deteriorating our health.  He works hard in the field harvesting corn that wasn't treated with pesticides or chemicals. He believes in organic living the way nature intended.

To support his beliefs in the summers he travels up to the Portland Farmers Market in his 2004 Honda Civic to bring his goods to the public. He brings an array of foods that are staples in his diet. Corn, Tomatoes, Carrots, Peppers, even fresh milk which is so creamy and delicious sometimes he can just have a glass for breakfast and be satisfied. He swears his food tastes better than anything you buy at Whole Foods, plus its cheaper too. He can tell you exactly where the food came from and the processes he uses to ensure the quality and integrity of the food remains intact.

The money he earns he puts back into his farm to invest in higher quality farming materials so that in a month he can come back up and have more supply to offer people locally grown crops and encourage them to take on healthier living. The sort of inspiration he lives by is contagious and makes a great case for buying local. While he cannot change the world as one lone farmer he believes in the concept of bringing farmers together and promoting the change of healthy living locally is one small step he can take to make the community a stronger and healthier place while he is still on this earth.

You can visit the Portland Farmers market starting this summer June 5th at
NW 19th Ave & NW Everett St
Portland, OR 97209