Now that we established the harm that antibiotic laden food can have on your body, it would be important to show how one can eat in a way that is actually good for you. Eatwild has provided a load of helpful information on how you can eat healthy in the west! Thankfully we are situated in a region of America where this kind of thing is accessible.  Eatwild is an organization that was created in order to help consumers know exactly where their meat comes from and how they were brought up. All of the animals in the Eatwild program have not been given antibiotics. They have ample room to live and grow and are fed food that isn't soy or corn alternatives. (or a better way to put this, they eat what they are supposed to.) There is a map where you can find farm producers in the program and where you can buy their goods This is seriously an amazing website for the conscientious eater and you should check it out now!