Fat and Sickly

Good life decisions have a tendency to bring about other positive ways of living, and the opposite is also true. Habits like to form similar types of other habits, so they all can get along. This is good for conscientious eaters, and increasingly worse for those who aren’t. MetaHIT just published some findings that paired levels of intestinal flora with health complications such as obesity, which in turn can bring about diabetes and heart disease. Apparently the less healthy intestinal bacteria you have, the higher chance you have to end up with obesity. Since we are finding more and more information on how antibiotics in meat are transferred to humans through consumption, and how these antibiotics can kill off some of our natural defenses (i.e. intestinal flora) in healthy people who don’t need or want them, this is potentiating a real cyclical mess. This is a double edged sword if you are used to chowing down on cheap, low quality meat that is filled with antibiotics. Not only will the medical meat keep hurting you ability to digest properly (and therefore keep you wanting to eat more and more) but more than likely you’re going to keep eating the same kind of low grade stuff. Since you have to buy so much food to feel full, more than likely there will be a tendency of buying the cheapest food you can find. Over and over and over. Perhaps this is why many Americans caloric intake is almost twice what it should be. It’s no longer ever enough!!!