Perfect With Sustainable Pastries!

By PSU EcoMerge Capstone - 9:48 AM


The guess ventured would be that at least a portion of people reading this blog drink coffee on a relatively regular basis, but how sustainable is the coffee you are drinking? Most of us have no idea...

The folks at Sustainable Harvest Specialty Coffee Importers have taken the guess work out of the equation for all of the loyal coffee drinkers in the world! As well as creating a sustainable model for their business, Sustainable Harvest works to generate information for the rest of us; just take a look at their blog. It is packed with great information and, quite strikingly, accountability for their work. In some cases, people forget there is a level of accountability that is included in sustainability, but Sustainable Harvest seems to have woven that in with their business model, from the beginning. When a sustainable business is interacting with so many people and affecting their lives in any manner, it is important to be on top of accountability. Sustainable Harvest doesn't seem to shy away from this accountability. Bravo, Sustainable Harvest, bravo.

In addition to accountability, Sustainable Harvest's program area is impressive. As well as a hands-on approach to their involvement, Sustainable Harvest is working with some major organizations, in order to bring the sustainable model to the masses. As an example, their website contends that "Sustainable Harvest leverages more than $4 million in development grants from foundations and academic, corporate and institutional partners, to deliver programs that accelerate the improvement of coffee farmer livelihoods and conserve the biodiverse environments where coffee is grown." Again, impressive...

Take the time to browse Sustainable Harvest's site. It is exciting and interesting stuff! If you don't drink coffee, chances are you know somebody who does. Isn't it worth a few minutes to learn where that coffee should be coming from? Isn't it worth the time it takes to brew a pot to learn how those minutes could, literally, change lives -- yours included? That sweet aroma wafting from the kitchen in the morning may smell sweeter, knowing there is a model in place to insure the survival of the harvest, the workers, the local and global economies, and us, the consumer sipping in that sweet, sweet nectar...

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