The Harm of Air Fresheners

There are many types of scented air freshners on the market. Some release scents continously and others spray scented fumes at specificed times. It is a fact that air freshners contain many chemicals that can potentially cause health problems.
Studies have proved that exposure to pthalates can alter hormone levels which can harm the fetus. Furthermore, they can even alter hormone levels in males, leading to reproductive problems. The Environmental Protection Agency warns that sicne pthalates are found in many household items, therie isa danger of high exposure and of being exposed to more than one type. Therefore, over time this can lead to a build-up of dangerous levels in the body.
Other health risks would be headaches,gastrointestinal symptoms,asthma,allergic reactions- which many scented products contain chemicals known as volatile organic compunds,nerve and organ damage. The Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia states that many ari freshners workd by deadening the sensitivity of nerves that help pick up scents.
Therefore, it would be best to avoid the usage of air freshners which could cause medical conditions.