Ferrari's new powerplant is a hybrid!

With the release of the new hybrid Ferrari, the market can see just how to incorporate the demand for being more efficient while not compromising any horsepower. The new model known as the laferrari is the next generation of Ferrari replacing the enzo. 
This new hybrid powerplant was released at the Beijing auto show last spring and just a few weeks ago the car was unveiled at Geneva. The bar for the hybrid has been set. Using a patented combination of expert interviews, online research, and sheer fabrication, here they have attempted to break down this complex machine into language we can all understand. Follow along on the photo below:
The immense, and immensely confounding, hybrid power train of the upcoming Ferrari supercar, explained for you below.
  1. 1. Air gets sucked in through this pair of pearlescent purple alto saxophones.
  2. 2. Oxygen is mixed with fuel and flame inside this giant, red, crinkle-finished Hohner Chimewood harmonica.
  3. 3. The resultant horsepower is blown into a supine WALL-E, where, as in the eponymous movie, it is compacted. Unlike in the film, where the output is used to build life-choking towers of trash, here compression converts kinetic energy into electricity.
  4. 4. Said current is fed into the Hulk lunchbox you had in elementary school. Its presence here explains why you couldn’t find it in your mother’s attic in 2003—after that shitty Ang Lee movie came out—when you wanted to sell it on eBay.
  5. 5. Surplus energy is fed into this 1950 Electrolux iron, where it is stored as heat and used to warm the cabin on chilly days.
  6. 6. Three giant orange Pixy Stix carry this power to three giant orange Push-Ups—a dyadic sextet of mouth-puckering confections.
  7. 7. The Push-Ups perform as their name suggests, each creating approximately 300 units of sherbet-y thrust—for a total of 900—enough to propel the car from zero to 60 in a chiropractically functional 1.9 seconds on the way to a very practical top speed of 350 m.p.h. (V.F. estimates).
  8. 8. This energy output is fed into a special scrubber, which removes any traces of carbon dioxide, sulfur, or shame.
  9. 9. The carbon is disposed of in the wingless body of Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter, where it is zapped with cheap special effects resembling the fluorescent tube lights in a Dan Flavin sculpture.
  10. 10. Wheels turn. Car goes fast.
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